Self Transformed is active in the field of Training, Coaching and Facilitation. We operate globally and deliver our services both in person and remotely. Our main focus is on personal and organizational change. Our main objective is to support you, your team and your organization to become and remain “fit for the future”. We like to keep things simple, use an agile approach and stay optimistic that everything is possible if we are willing to do what it takes. We invest in building real partnerships both with our clients and other professionals from our industry, in order to co-create the desired outcomes for all parties involved.

Vassilis Chantziaras, Founder of Self Transformed

What we do

Facilitating individual and organizational change


We can support your C-suite in their effort to align, make appropriate decisions and act decisively in times of uncertainty.

  • Managing organizational change
  • C-level collaboration
  • Co-creating future strategy
  • Cultural transformation
  • Innovation and creativity


We can support your Team Leaders to create an environment of Empowerment and sustainable Performance.

  • Performance Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Reinforcing Teamwork
  • Delegation & Accountability
  • Multicultural Communication
  • Adopting a coaching mindset
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Remote/Hybrid collaboration


We provide tailor-made help at an individual or team level, with a focus on existing strengths and untapped potential.

  • Self Awareness & Branding
  • Time Management
  • Individual Coaching
  • (Virtual) Facilitation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Story Telling
  • Influence & Assertiveness


We can help your client-facing team to improve their skills and confidence so as to create win-win relationships.

  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Consultative Selling
  • Customer Care

How We do it


Facilitation is about enabling people to gain more clarity, build consensus, achieve greater alignment and commit to action.

The Facilitator is an enabler and catalyst rather than a teacher or expert.

We, as Facilitators, bring the tools and methods to help your team come to their own conclusions in an engaging and collaborative way.

One common metaphor for facilitation is that “facilitators bring the buckets and participants bring what goes into the buckets”.

Facilitation comes in very handy when a team is focusing on alignment, strategy, innovation and increased performance.


Training is about consciously and deliberately improving your existing skills. Participants come with skills that have been developed on-the-job, but not always in a conscious way.

Training aims to help them understand where they stand now and what they can do even better, in a more conscious and intentional way. We encourage participants to be accountable for their own learning and development.

We help our clients to focus on the behaviours and mindsets, that are vital to organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Customization of training content & methodology is a way to ensure that our interventions will suit real needs.


Coaching is about enabling people to come to their own conclusions on how to achieve what they want.

It is about accompanying them in the process of self reflection and discovery through meaningful conversations with a coach.

It is not about telling them what to do as they are in a better position to decide and take accountability for their own choices.

We offer personalized sessions that allow individuals to gain more clarity about their challenges, explore all possible options and identify their own ways on how to move forward.

What tools we use

AMONG several tools we use in our interventions, here are some that stand out. We are using…

Archetypes to help individuals better understand what makes them unique as Leaders and Individual Contributors.

MBTI step I & II to help individuals and teams to better understand themselves and others, by becoming conscious of their personal preferences.

Strengthscope as a tool to leverage even more of your own strengths as an individual or a team, and as a way to focus more on opportunities rather than limitations.

Graphic Facilitation as a tool to create greater clarity, by classifying ideas and data, adding meaning and connecting the dots among them.

our values


serves as an antidote to complexity. It is about decomposing complex issues to their ingredients so as to be able to deal with them. As Leonardo Da Vinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.


is key in a world full of uncertainty. Agility requires honesty and willingness to transform. It is a vital ingredient to individual and organizational improvement.


is about a mindset of embracing the unknown. It is about having a creator mindset instead of a victim one. Optimism refuses to accept that we are out of options.















Our Associates

In the spirit of mutual support and collaboration we work with a large number of associates all over the world. All of them are independent and/or have their own coaching/training practices. Sometimes our associates work for our Self Transformed assignments and sometimes we support them in their own assignments. This way we are able to serve our clients in most of the spoken languages (English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian and more) and bring as much diversity as possible. We form agile teams to support our clients without the burden of overhead and complicated structures.




Our LVL network has been founded by Laurence, Vassilis and Lorraine with a focus on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. We believe in valuing each person for who they are and what they bring. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations

  • expand awareness, understand and embrace the multiple areas of diversity across teams
  • create sustainable value for the business through behavingand interacting in an inclusive manner
  • encourage people to be themselves, and accept others in order to feel valued, motivated, and belonging to the overall system, therefore producing meaningful outcomes.

We are very honored to be in a partnership with the TCO team and since 2017 we joined forces in co-creating the “Global Agility” program, which has a focus on the ability to think clearly, act consciously and create value consistently in an interconnected VUCA world.

TCO was established in 1989, supported more than 60,000 people, in over 100 organizations across 140 countries.

TCO is active globally and has offices in the UK and Italy.


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